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Gym Laird #32 | Dr. Pat Davidson

Gym Laird #32 | Dr. Pat DavidsonPat Davidson, Ph.D, is an exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, and traveling lecturer. Pat started out in the fitness world as an athlete who was looking to find any training and nutrition tool possible to make him the best he could possibly be at sports.Rad More

You want to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

Video below explains how to become a Strength coach or personal trainer, I give steps and suggested a product.  What the most important skill needed as a coach? The different ways to get into the industry.
Links Mentioned in video  Complete "Core" Training Mike Robertson  Eric Cressey  Joe DeFranco  Mike Robertson Interview Eric Cressey Interview  Pat Davidson Interview Why People skills are so important

Simple tips to feel better

In the video below, I lay out some simple tips on how to feel better and improve overall health and well-being and how our environment we live in effects us.

Importance of Circadian Rhythm 

Links related to my video:
Sun exposure and it's relationship with all cause mortality 
Red Screen Hack
Blue light glasses brown 
Blue light glasses black
Night time blue blockers
Top of the line blue blockers (especially if you need them custom lenses)

Creating Tension

One of the biggest challenges as a coach is getting clients to understand how to load the bar or create tension in the dead lift. I was lucky enough to have one of the greatest powerlifters of all time Chuck Vogelpohl teach me how to load the bar.  This resulted in me putting 200lbs on my pull in less then 6 months.  Deadlifting is all about leverage, you could be super strong but if don't load the bar and create tension you are leaving lbs on the platform or even worse increasing your risking injury.  Check out this awesome Instagram post on loading the bar on the deadlift.