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Something to consider

Weston A Price was one of the few that studied the human organism in it's natural environment, meaning they lived an outdoor life connected with nature they ate seasonally foods from their local environment.  If you have not read  his book I highly recommend it.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

What did he discover in observing traditional cultures from all over the world?  

No gyms, just a authentic human life.

Happy,  healthy people with no modern diseases,  no cavities perfect teeth, all these cultures ate seasonally their diets changes with the seasons.  Cultures closer to the equator ate more carbohydrates, closer to the poles cultures like the Inuit ate little to no carbohydrates because they were just not available.  In the summer they might get some berries but that is about it.  Different diets dictated by the environment and driven by the light and time of year.   

If you take a look as his book,  over time he observed as these cultures got away from living their traditional lifestyle (processed food not from the local environment and a more indoor life)  health issues began to appear cavities, changes in jaw structure diabetes and other issues that were completely foreign to these cultures. 

I think taking a good look his work is extremely valuable as we as a society get drawn indoors by technology.  Not that long ago we all lived a life that was much more connected with nature.

Seasonal local eating is unheard of because one can get food from anywhere around the world at anytime of year.  

Prison inmates get more time outside then our kids do today.

Technology and modern life has its advantages that for sure, but maybe we should take a good strong look and consider the cost before we get even further away from what I would call an authentic human life. 


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