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Change in perspective

During my morning walk I was thinking about how much I have evolved since I first got involved in the Strength and Conditioning game back in 1996 it is really interesting to think about how much perspective has changed.  One the biggest things that has changed in my thought process is how much our environment drives our biology.  

Here is a great article that sums up much of the information I have learned the last four years.  CLICK HERE TO READ 

What kind of environment are you spending the majority of you time in ?

Inward Investing

Here is an interview that I did with Mike Ritter. 

I really enjoyed do this interview we cover training women, lots about kids and athletic development we also get into some of the challenges I've faced as a business owner and as a person.  

Don't be a zoo human

I am re-posting this interview I did with Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School I believe the biggest challenge we face today as a species is overcoming this modern world we have created.  Humans especially the young generation is spending the majority of it's time indoors using technology.  

Check out these links:
Zoos make animals crazy

Prisoners spend more time outside then kids do

Effects of smart phones on an entire generation 

Smart Phones causing mental health issues in kids as young as 2

In order for us to overcome these challenges I believe it is critical to reconnect with nature,  Craig and I get into how to get someone who has never spent any time in nature to do so.


Something to consider

Weston A Price was one of the few that studied the human organism in it's natural environment, meaning they lived an outdoor life connected with nature they ate seasonally foods from their local environment.  If you have not read  his book I highly recommend it.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

What did he discover in observing traditional cultures from all over the world?  

No gyms, just a authentic human life.
Happy,  healthy people with no modern diseases,  no cavities perfect teeth, all these cultures ate seasonally their diets changes with the seasons.  Cultures closer to the equator ate more carbohydrates, closer to the poles cultures like the Inuit ate little to no carbohydrates because they were just not available.  In the summer they might get some berries but that is about it.  Different diets dictated by the environment and driven by the light and time of year.

If you take a look as his book,  over time he observed as these cultures got away from living their traditional …

Chill the "F" out ......

In today’s episode of the Gym Laird show, I am joined in studio with my client Rachael Bertram Mathews. I ask Rachael to share her story as she has done what a lot of women do to lose weight only to gain weight. She shares how she: – Was training boot camp 4 days a week at 5am
– How her previous coach told her to add more cardio once she plateaued
– How her motivation dwindled and she couldn’t bring herself to go to boot camp
– Discovered powerlifting when her friend told her about Gym Laird
– Why I told her she needed to train less and calm down when they started working together
– Once she got her nutrition and exercise in check how her moods changed
– Why she benefits from having a coach
– Why self care is important Left pic: 3 years of 3-4 times a week 5 am boot camp. Last 6-8 months added a second session a day. Weight was 160 lbs and gaining weight while overtraining. Right pic:
Training with me for 3 years. Strength training 3 times per week. 4 powerlifting meets, lifestyle change, ma…