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Teaching the swing in group group classes

Here is a video of how we teaching the swing in our group classes. Quick and easy fixes for common problems.  We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Float tank tour

I have been getting lots of questions about our float tank.Here is a video tour of our tank.  Let me know if you have any questions, there is a contact form on the main page of the blog or you can post a comment. 

Improve your squat and deadlift with simple drill.

Here is a video of a simple tip/drill to help improve your squat and deadlift.  I will have clients do this drill between warm up sets.

Eric Cressey Interview

Check out my interview with Eric Cressey.  In this interview Eric and I discuss client assessments, youth training and development, PRI and much more. 

 check out the interview here: Eric Cressey interview

Around the Web

Recently I have been doing a self experiment of sorts called Neurofeedback. It has been interesting to say the least I have a long history of head trauma, for years I have struggled with memory, focus and organization. The first week was really rough I actually went backwards in my sleep but I stuck with it I am starting to improve.  My sleep is now the best it has been in years and I have noticed some pretty impressive changes day to day.  I will be doing a Podcast in the near future about my experience and I am excited to see how I continue to improve over time.

This an excellent podcast by Robb Wolf .  Robb interviews Dr. Byran Walsh the topic is a controversial one "Adrenal Fatigue"  I highly recommend this interview it's excellent.

Another cool thing on Robb's site.  I made the best of list which is pretty cool.  It's an interview I did several years ago I think you will enjoy it.

One thing I'm always looking for is simple tips and tricks to get people…

FSL Interview From crazy cardio to the weight room, the Suzanne story.

This was a really cool interview that Suzanne and I did together.  Suzanne is a client and a member of the Missfits.  You can check her story out here: You can't serve two masters.
Check out the Interview here: From crazy cardio to the weight room
Photo credit to Abby Laub, BG Magazine. See a complete article about the Miss Fits in the fall issue of BG magazine.

Justin Ford Interview

Check out my interview with my good friend and former training partner Justin Ford.

In this show we cover pushing performance in strongman, Olympic lifting and powerlifting.

Click link to listen
Justin Ford show 

Tim Rodgers Interview

Check out the interview I did with Dr. Tim Rogers.

He currently runs his practice out of my gym,we discuss everything from brain injury to athletic development and coaching.

Click on link for interview:
Dr. Tim Rodgers 

Children and long term athletic development

Check out this interview I did withLee Taft on children and long term athletic development.

click link to listen Children and athletic development

Better Everyday Podcast

I was super excited to be the first male guest on Better Everyday podcast with Sarah Fragoso and Dr Brook,  We talk about everything from powerlifting to gallbladders and of course dealing with negative emotions.  I love what these ladies are doing!  

click link to listen:
Better Everyday Podcast 

Working in vs. Working out

Here is a show I did where I go over a phrase I got fromPaul Check,  Working in vs. working out.  I also talk about the float tank and how having no gallbladder effects fat loss.  Here is the supplement I recommend for people who have had their gallbladders removed.  Please consult with your doctor before taking.  

Now Foods Super Enzymes 

Here is the link to the show:

Working in vs. working out 

FSL Mordern Woman Pod Cast

Here is a show I did earlier this year.  I talk about my overall training philosophy when training women.   

Simplifying "Weight" Loss(I don't really like the term "weight loss" I'd prefer body compensation changes but that's ok)

Episode 1 of The Gym Laird Show.

Since it has been so long since I regularly updated my blog I am going to be backtracking.  This is episode 1 of The Gym Laird Show.  In this episode we talk with Carla about her struggles with PCOS.  With the help of Carb night and adjustments from AJ she was able to get healthy and lose some bodyfat.  The main theme of this show is how individual this process is there is no one size fits all, as my good friend Robb Wolf says "You have to tinker."  Carla is doing fantastic and expecting her first child soon.  More exercise is not always the answer. 

Gym Laird Show Episode 1 

Long over due post.

I have been doing a show on Kiefer's web site

I will be posting all the shows on this blog as well as updating it regularly.  As a business owner you sometimes get overwhelmed and some things are put on the back burner.

I hope you enjoy this nice little rant about the fitness industry and why i think it is holding many people back from achieving long term success.