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It's never too late!

Q&A How to train aging population
"Doc" sample workout Warm upX3 Hip circles all fours  Single leg lowering  Open book 
Modified Deadlift 4X6 Modified TGU 3X2 Band pull apart 4X12 Sled drags 

50 lbs carry 

Heavy push

TLAG 2 update + instructional videos.

It has been an eternity since my last blog post.  My New Years resolution is to post more often :)  
It is hard to believe TLAG 2 is a month away!  How time flies here is an update for you.

J&M 300lbs Deadlift club

Here are some instructional videos I did with The Miss Fits

When to use a belt Q&A 

Conventional or sumo Q&A 

GHR Basics 

Pull Up Basics