Sunday, January 13, 2013

Training update and HRV Advertisements

My training was going real well until i was rear ended two weeks ago.  That would be my fourth car wreck in 3 years :)  None my fault I might add.  Still I don't feel fell very good at all so i have dialed things way back.  Here I am doing some back to back speed pulls (an idea I got from Brandon Lilly) just before the wreck.
Singles done with 405. 

The below was done this past Friday 1/11 took the weight down on the squat to 330 and did some really deep pause box squat.  I like doing these from time to time.  Short rest I do a triple at the end.

Today I did some floor press and some upper body rep work.

We were lucky enough to have Joel Jamieson come to the gym and Shoot a promo of Molly and I for his HVR application.  It is a product we both use and benefit from greatly.  The video does a great job highlighting the gym and what we are all about.

Don't forget to check out our Product BootCamp in a Box that comes out on Tuesday. Molly and I have teamed u with the likes of Mike Robertson and Robb Wolf to bring this product to you. It is going to be a game changer don't be left behind.


  1. Hey Jim, sorry to hear about the car wreck. Hope you heal up quick and congrats on the Bootcamp in a box release.
    I remember you saying in one of your videos that you don't need to wear oly shoes anymore I believe because you reduced your APT. I have some pretty harsh APT and minor back pain. I was wondering what helped you the most in reducing your APT (hip flexor stretching or glute strengthening?)
    Thanks for any help you can offer and it'll be awesome when your next radio show comes out.


  2. Josh so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. The biggest thing that helped my squat was getting my pelvis into the right position. Check out this post I did for Robb Wolf