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Training update and HRV Advertisements

My training was going real well until i was rear ended two weeks ago.  That would be my fourth car wreck in 3 years :)  None my fault I might add.  Still I don't feel fell very good at all so i have dialed things way back.  Here I am doing some back to back speed pulls (an idea I got from Brandon Lilly) just before the wreck.
Singles done with 405. 

The below was done this past Friday 1/11 took the weight down on the squat to 330 and did some really deep pause box squat.  I like doing these from time to time.  Short rest I do a triple at the end.

Today I did some floor press and some upper body rep work.

We were lucky enough to have Joel Jamieson come to the gym and Shoot a promo of Molly and I for his HVR application.  It is a product we both use and benefit from greatly.  The video does a great job highlighting the gym and what we are all about.

Don't forget to check out our Product BootCamp in a Box that comes out on Tuesday. Molly and I have teamed u with the likes of…

Very early morning Q&A Bootcamp in a Box Update.

Dave is having motivational issues, gym update and Bootcamp in a box update.

Check out this awesome free video on How to make your bootcamps and group training programs more awesome !!!

Bootcamp in a Box