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Early AM Q&A,training and lifting.

Dave asks:
:After 15 years in the field of Strength and Conditioning is there anything that you are still surprised by?

 Working with one of my favorite long term clients (going on 11 years) 84 year old "Doc" 


My lifting has been going fairly well consider how little time I have had to do so with everything I have going on.  One of my Favorite things to do is pull with chains,  it allows me to pull heavy with out getting absolutely crushed from it.  I have been given the name "T-Rex" by Mike Robertson due to my super duper short arms and super long torso.  This forces be to be a little creative when training the deadlift.

Working on top end.  225+500 chainsX1 Last of three singles

Recruiting women for powerlifting and gym update.

New gym work in progress but ready for action:

Q and A: