Monday, October 8, 2012

Why do most people fail?

Why do most people fail in their fitness goals?  Many would say that those people are lazy and don't want to work hard.  I would respectfully disagree; most of the people that we assess at J&M Strength and Conditioning are either working with a trainer or taking numerous fitness classes.  My business partner Molly Galbraith and I are amazed at the amount of exercise some people continue to do for years with little to no results.

This is obviously not a cut and dry problem.  There are multiple factors involved, which I will cover in future posts.

I believe one of the main factors in the lack of success in many individuals' training programs is a lack of training basics and fundamentals.  A house is only as good as its foundation and a house built on sand will not stand.  Lets face it:  the basics are not sexy but if you want long term success you better build on them and work to maintain them.

Here is one of our basic general warm ups that we use to get people started.  It is a mishmash of stuff from Martin Rooney, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson.  We have watered down many of the drills to meet people were they are.    

From there we teach the squat and the hinge.  When we have that down we progress into a general strength training program for most people.   With out a good solid base your chances for long term success are greatly reduced.


  1. I just read Eric Banks' awesome story. You saved him. Amazing how your worked around his lifestyle of traveling.
    Oh to have someone work around mine. I am at an all time high. Never had this much wt on me. When the bottom fell out 4 years ago, I found myself in a horrible situation financially. Not out yet. I try to eat healty for at least 10 days of the month until my food runs out. I used to be a wt loss counselor so I know what I am supposed to eat. Currently I am living in an office with no hot water, a toilet, tiny sink, microwave and a tiny fridge and a toaster. I don't do any activities. I don't with to run into old friends and let them see me this way. Plus leaving the room costs gas money and walking in this area is not cool. Small town in Tennessee. I was healthy and thinner when I was in San Diego but when my money situation happened I thought moving back to my hometown would be cheaper. More money loss made it impossible here to and NO moral support here at all. I am not in any trouble. Not an addict or ex addict or mental patient or ex-prisoner. But I feel like I am treated that way because my money is not where is should be. Anyway, I was impressed with how you took Eric's situation and helped him. My health in this Southern Fried town is fading fast. I want out. Dollars and someone to believe in me? yep that would be lifesaving.

    1. Great question, I'll be responding in a video post later today.