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Everything under the sun update.

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post. This blog is something I do just for fun; running J&M Strength and Conditioning is my number one priority.  As you can imagine this takes up a whole lot of time, but I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love helping people and really enjoy training people. It’s what I do.  In addition to my already fun workload, we are finally moving the end of the month to a new 7500 ft location!  I’ve been blessed with some excellent help and we will also be adding some new coaches when we switch to our new location (yes it really is happening this time).  Finally, I have also started working with a local high school basketball team that I worked for in the past.

In addition to all of that I’m helping five of our beautiful ladies prepare for their first powerlifting meet at the end of October in Morehead,Kentucky. This is been a lot of fun for me, as I have helped many people get ready for powerlifting meets in the past, including my business partner, Molly Galbraith.  All of these individuals have always worked out with me as a training partner and never as clients.  It is so much easier to coach when your not lifting yourself :)   I’ve been using Jim Wendler’s 531 with them and I’m excited to see their results on game day.

missing Lizz

Lizz pulling 230x4 today she had a nice PR same weight X9 
Suzanne easy 220X5 deaload 
E with a super deep 120X6
Anne with a solid 145X9

The one thing I need to make more time for is my radio show. I really enjoy using it to talk to some pretty amazing people and just help others so as I get more help online I plan to put aside more time for the radio show.

One of my favorite shows is with Kiefer.  I still continue to use a Paleo version of Carb Back Loading and loving it.  Laird Kiefer #2

My own training has been going very well considering how busy I have been. I'm keeping things super super simple and I feel really good right now. I’ve been getting a lot out of my meditation and I’m doing a very good job of getting myself relaxed for a decent hour. Joel Jamieson’s HRV app continues to be a great accountability tool for me and allows me to adjust my training intensity and volume accordingly.

Training over the last several weeks:

620 spider bar PR
pin pause squat 560

I was also lucky enough to be on an amazing round table with some amazingly strong guys and great coaches at Darkside Strength and Conditioning in Louisville KY

photo Jen Keck

Juggernaut Training Systems roundtable left to right. Me, Brandon Lilly, Corey Hays, Brad Little,
Chad Wesley Smith Mike Tuchscherer. and THE Ryan Brown

I had an amazing time it's so great to talk shop with such a great group.

Watching Chad pull 800+ very impressive photo Jen Keck

I also have some cool projects in the works with my long-term client and friend Eric Banks MTV
Eric lost 50 lbs in 5 weeks working out 3 times a week and walking daily.  Eric has done a great job with the 80/20 rule and has not only continued to keep the weight off but is getting stronger and fitter as we speak.

after 5 weeks

 That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.


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