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Mark Bell Carb Backloading, Fat loss and HRV

Questions:  "Mark Bell says Carb Back-Loading doesn't work for fatties, how did you get Eric Banks to lose so much weight using it?"

"What is this HRV thing your always talking about?"

Mark Bell Post

Eric Banks 
HRV research

Q&A session

Burned out and Broke
Paleo and Carb Backloading
Meditation and HVR

Links from Q&A
Paleo on a budget Robb Wolf 
Dan Miller another 48days  (how to turn your passion into income)
Mike Mahler
First 5 Chapters of Carb Backloading for free

Training update + Why do most people fail#2

Heavy Lower

Pin pause squat (squat down rest on pins) squat up
worked up too
470 bar Weight +200 Chains

Last of two singles

Why do most people fail#2 ?
Mark Bell
Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf quick start guide
Eric Banks 
Eric Banks Huffinton post 
Molly Galbraith 
Girls Gone Strong
J&M Strength and Conditioning

Why do most people fail?

Why do most people fail in their fitness goals?  Many would say that those people are lazy and don't want to work hard.  I would respectfully disagree; most of the people that we assess at J&M Strength and Conditioning are either working with a trainer or taking numerous fitness classes.  My business partner Molly Galbraith and I are amazed at the amount of exercise some people continue to do for years with little to no results.

This is obviously not a cut and dry problem.  There are multiple factors involved, which I will cover in future posts.

I believe one of the main factors in the lack of success in many individuals' training programs is a lack of training basics and fundamentals.  A house is only as good as its foundation and a house built on sand will not stand.  Lets face it:  the basics are not sexy but if you want long term success you better build on them and work to maintain them.

Here is one of our basic general warm ups that we use to get people sta…

Everything under the sun update.

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post. This blog is something I do just for fun; running J&M Strength and Conditioning is my number one priority.  As you can imagine this takes up a whole lot of time, but I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love helping people and really enjoy training people. It’s what I do.  In addition to my already fun workload, we are finally moving the end of the month to a new 7500 ft location!  I’ve been blessed with some excellent help and we will also be adding some new coaches when we switch to our new location (yes it really is happening this time).  Finally, I have also started working with a local high school basketball team that I worked for in the past.

In addition to all of that I’m helping five of our beautiful ladies prepare for their first powerlifting meet at the end of October in Morehead,Kentucky. This is been a lot of fun for me, as I have helped many people get ready for powerlifting meets in the past, includi…