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Got to love it!

Been a ruff week! Got to love it when you get back on track and the change recovery is so good you get a orange reading.

It's never too late.

I am very lucky I get to help people and get paid for it.  I have worked with every type of client you could imagine.  One of my favorite clients I have been training twice a week for 30 minutes for the last 11 years,  he is 84 years old. 

When he came to be he was scheduled for major back surgery,  after three months of basic mobility work and some very basic strength training he decided not to have surgery.  I continue to be amazed at the progress he continues to make.  Here is a sample of a "conditioning" circuit he completed on Thursday.

His work out.

Dynamic warm up
Breathing drills
box squat warm up

Training X4
Farmer walk 40lbs in each hand 15 yards
hip dominate med ball slams
inverted row
Farmer walk 

Below are some other highlights from his training.  Bottom line it's never too late and anyone can get better. Training athletes can be fun I find that overall helping normal everyday people change there lives can be very enjoyable as well.

Half Kneeling chop and l…