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Upper Lowler

Upper 8/8/12

Warm up
Breathing drills

Nothing to crazy just basic bench worked up to 365 and did 5X5

One extended set with 100lbs dumbells

14 reps (sit up rest 10 breaths)  12 reps (sit up rest 10 breaths) 8 reps (sit up) 6 reps (sit up) 3 reps (done)

All sorts of rows, pull downs and bear crawls

Tri work

Shoulder complex

Lower 8/10/2012

Foam Roll
Breathing drills

Played around with some different things.  I did some jumps and pulled last week so i wanted to squat today.  Since I did a fairly heavy on the bottom end squat with spider bar on monday, I decided to load up the top end today.

Started with the bar and just kept adding chains
I worked up to the bar with 480 lbs of chain X2
Added Low Box and belt
Click here to view (you tube is being weird because of music in background)

 I was very pleased with today

Finished it off with some Heavy prowler, Band pull-troughs (to work on hip extension mine is horrible) and some Half Kneeling chop and lift.

I continue to stay on top of my sleep and meditation.  Resting heart rate when I first started tracking HRV was 70-75 (before mediation)  Now it is between 52-60


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