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Training from 8/17-2/28

The last few weeks has been really crazy in a good way.

Lifts from last two weeks

Last of 6X2 415 youtube being silly 

After the 6X2 I decided to do 10 singles with 510 this is the last single

 Did repetition upper body

405+280 chains.  Nice PR for the T Rex.

Thursday Ryan Brown stopped by to lift and give a lift off.  Did floor press because I knew I would be lifting the next day.

Hit 280+280 for a nice easy single bench is starting to feel much better

Friday I trained at IFAST Had Mike Robertson and so of his crew check out my squat, to get the OK from Mike is a pretty big deal.  I did some doubled with 405 then 6 singles with 500.

Spent the entire weekend hanging out with guys like Joel Jamieson and Dan John, needless to say it was a good time.

Sunday I did some rep bench and upper work.

Monday I decided to work up to a set of 5 with the spider bar no belt. 440

 I continue to be amazed with the HRV application it was fun to chat with Joel about it and what he has coming up in the future.  It is such a great accountability tool for me and allows me to adjust my training according to what I need.  Still doing a good job at meditation,  need to do a better job getting to bed  earlier.  Sorry I didn't list all my accessory stuff on here.  On my off days I do all my stability work and breathing drills these have been great for my recovery.
Body-weight is between 245-255 depending on how many carbs I take in after training.  Still doing a paleo version of Carb Back loading and loving it.

When the sleep suffers so does the HRV 



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