Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lower Body 8/6/12

Training has been going very well.  Missed a few updates, on the upper body side of things I have been learning how to bench with out a hard arch (for the sake of my low back) because I am doing all raw work now, I think will be stronger in the long run.   The HRV app continue to amaze me,  it is so cool to see how life in general effect my body.  It is such an awesome accountability tool for me.

Current reading from this am


Lower Body

Foam Roll
I know this might seem like a joke to you but this stuff works here is Mike Robertson doing an awesome job explaining this stuff.
Dynamic warm up.

 Box squat with spider bar
bar X10
(set of five)
whole bunch of X3
here is the work sets

 620X1 (no video)


Then I did band (greens) resisted RDL
Paired with 90 iso holds.

All Done circuit style
 fall outs  4X12 
Half Kneeling KB chop and lift 4X10 each side
inverted rows. 4X10

I was very pleased with today.

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