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HRV update

Many times the effects of a hard training day (Friday 8/10/12) do not really show up on the HRV until day 2. This stuff is all so fascinating to me, today is a repetition upper day. I will be adjusting volume and intensity accordingly.


  1. Hey Jim, been reading/watching more of your stuff - mostly the breathing stuff and it learning lots!

    Just wondering about the "detox" diet you and Kiefer were discussing in your podcast with him. Could you point me where to read up more on that? I think I rememeber you guys saying it involved beef and bone broth?

    1. Thanks Josh,

      I have learned a ton about breathing in the last couple years as well. Powerful stuff, The detox diet can be found in a back issue of flex (don't know which one) From my understanding
      It is grass fed beef, bison, bacon and peppers. I could be wrong. Adding beef bone broth wouldn't be a bad idea. I used it to help heal my gut. I am sure if you went to Kiefer's forum you could find more info about it.

    2. Thanks a lot Jim. Got caught up on all of your podcasts, enjoyed the Wender and Mike Mahler ones but my favorite was probably Dan John. Listening to that guy is just... amazing.
      "If you dont lose weight on the Velocity Diet, go punch Chris Shugart in the mouth" hahaha.

    3. Thanks for listening! Spent the entire weekend with Dan he is an amazing guy !!! One of my favorite interviews as well.


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