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Training from 8/17-2/28

The last few weeks has been really crazy in a good way.

Lifts from last two weeks

Last of 6X2 415 youtube being silly 

After the 6X2 I decided to do 10 singles with 510 this is the last single

 Did repetition upper body

405+280 chains.  Nice PR for the T Rex.

Thursday Ryan Brown stopped by to lift and give a lift off.  Did floor press because I knew I would be lifting the next day.

Hit 280+280 for a nice easy single bench is starting to feel much better

Friday I trained at IFAST Had Mike Robertson and so of his crew check out my squat, to get the OK from Mike is a pretty big deal.  I did some doubled with 405 then 6 singles with 500.

Spent the entire weekend hanging out with guys like Joel Jamieson and Dan John, needless to say it was a good time.

Sunday I did some rep bench and upper work.

Monday I decided to work up to a set of 5 with the spider bar no belt. 440

 I continue to be amazed with the HRV application it was fun to chat with Joel about it and what he has coming up in t…

HRV update

Many times the effects of a hard training day (Friday 8/10/12) do not really show up on the HRV until day 2. This stuff is all so fascinating to me, today is a repetition upper day. I will be adjusting volume and intensity accordingly.

Upper Lowler

Upper 8/8/12

Warm up
Breathing drills

Nothing to crazy just basic bench worked up to 365 and did 5X5

One extended set with 100lbs dumbells

14 reps (sit up rest 10 breaths)  12 reps (sit up rest 10 breaths) 8 reps (sit up) 6 reps (sit up) 3 reps (done)

All sorts of rows, pull downs and bear crawls

Tri work

Shoulder complex

Lower 8/10/2012

Foam Roll
Breathing drills

Played around with some different things.  I did some jumps and pulled last week so i wanted to squat today.  Since I did a fairly heavy on the bottom end squat with spider bar on monday, I decided to load up the top end today.

Started with the bar and just kept adding chains
I worked up to the bar with 480 lbs of chain X2
Added Low Box and belt
Click here to view (you tube is being weird because of music in background)

 I was very pleased with today

Finished it off with some Heavy prowler, Band pull-troughs (to work on hip extension mine is horrible) and…

Lower Body 8/6/12

Training has been going very well.  Missed a few updates, on the upper body side of things I have been learning how to bench with out a hard arch (for the sake of my low back) because I am doing all raw work now, I think will be stronger in the long run.   The HRV app continue to amaze me,  it is so cool to see how life in general effect my body.  It is such an awesome accountability tool for me.

Current reading from this am


Lower Body

Foam Roll
I know this might seem like a joke to you but this stuff works here is Mike Robertson doing an awesome job explaining this stuff.
Dynamic warm up.

 Box squat with spider bar
bar X10
(set of five)
whole bunch of X3
here is the work sets

 620X1 (no video)


Then I did band (greens) resisted RDL
Paired with 90 iso holds.

All Done circuit style
 fall outs  4X12 
Half Kneeling KB chop and lift 4X10 each side
inverted rows. 4X10

I was very pleased with today.

More is not always better.

I received a really nice update today from Peter Shannon. I had done a phone consultation with Peter a couple months ago.  He was very frustrated with his body fat levels,  he was training everyday some twice a day.  Results after making time to rest and going to functional medicine doctor. 


I wanted to send you a quick update. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me. I got all my blood work done the other day and just got back my results. Testosterone is right in the middle of the "normal" range, and I found out that I have a allergy t
o dairy. Seriously listening to your podcasts and reading the articles you put up helped me out incredibly. I still haven't done any cardio since our last conversation. I have dropped 3% of BF and stayed at the same body weight. I have finally started to take 3 days off a week, seriously not doing any activity. This was a huge step for me. It helped me relax both physically and more importantly mentally. Keep doing …

T-Rex problems

I was recently asked why some call me T REX. My hands don't touch the ground when I am seated on my butt. (super short arms long torso)