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Lower Body/Brain Meltdown

Molly Galbraith (business partner) and I spent the entire weekend in Indy at the Diagnosis Fitness Fitness course.  It is the assessment that Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson use with there clients at IFAST .

Needless to say my brain is mush,  talk about taking a drink from a fire hose!  WOW .....  It was a awesome experience in my continuing education to get people better with less work (giving them what they need).  If you have never heard of these guys you need to be following them.  I call Bill the Wizard,  I am so lucky to be able to interacted with these guys on a regular basis.  I am a much better coach because of it. 

I got assessed again ..... and to no ones surprise I have some work to do.  Particularly on extension and breathing.  Overall I'm pretty happy where I'm at.


Sunday 7/29/12

Upper Play Day

After spending all morning in the car I came in and just got moving.

Monday 7/30/12

Foam Roll
All sorts of new breathing stuff I picked up from Bill
Warm up

Squat with chains (belt only)
 I worked up to 465+240 X1  I was pretty happy with this

I then proceeded to do
325+240 for 3X10
I'm in a good place right now, still staying on-top of meditation,  I am felling good about my raw squat, the key is being patient.



  1. Hey Jim I started listening to a bunch of your podcasts - theyre great and full of useful info.

    What was that meditation audio you talked about in your podcast with Kiefer?

  2. Josh, Thanks for the feed-back and thank you for listening to the shows. If you click on the banner under the title at the top of the page it will take you to meditation I use. It has done wonders for me. It has different levels I have had amazing results from level 1.



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