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Lower Body/Brain Meltdown

Molly Galbraith (business partner) and I spent the entire weekend in Indy at the Diagnosis Fitness Fitness course.  It is the assessment that Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson use with there clients at IFAST .

Needless to say my brain is mush,  talk about taking a drink from a fire hose!  WOW .....  It was a awesome experience in my continuing education to get people better with less work (giving them what they need).  If you have never heard of these guys you need to be following them.  I call Bill the Wizard,  I am so lucky to be able to interacted with these guys on a regular basis.  I am a much better coach because of it. 

I got assessed again ..... and to no ones surprise I have some work to do.  Particularly on extension and breathing.  Overall I'm pretty happy where I'm at.


Sunday 7/29/12

Upper Play Day

After spending all morning in the car I came in and just got moving.

Monday 7/30/12

Foam Roll
All sorts of new breathing stuff I picked up from Bill
Warm up

HRV update....

HRV is not just about tracking recovery you can also see in real time if your training hard enough. My recovery has been off the charts lately so it's time to turn it up a notch !!!!

Lower Body Training

7/21/12  Lower Body

Feeling pretty good busy week.

Foam Roll
Warm Up

Squat 8X2 300+320

Here is the 8th set.

Sumo Band Pulls

3X8 90/90 split squat
Inverted Rows3X8

3X12 45 Back raise wide X12
90lbs KB carry rack position.

With everything I have going on this week I am pretty happy with today.

BioJacked Radio

Check out my interview on Biojacked Radio

Quick Hamstring Fix.

Training Lower, Upper, Lower.

It's been a crazy couple weeks.  Training is going well and I am still doing a good job on staying ontop of my meditation and sleep, recovery has been good.  Had some set backs last week, but got it under control, life effects my recovery much more then my training, the key has been adjusting my training according to what my body needs instead of me imposing my will on my body.  I am pretty happy with the results so far, not only in my training but in everyday life.

I have gone back to move of a "Westside" Split

Monday: Heavy Lower
Wednesday: Heavy Upper
Friday: Explosive Lower
Sunday Explosive Upper

I am focusing on raw training and extra volume to build me base back up.

Monday 7/9/12  Heavy Lower

Foam Roll
Dynamic warm up
Explosive med ball toss

Spider Bar Squats Raw just a belt.

45 back raise 4X12
paired with bear Crawls

Wednesday 7/11/12 Heavier Upper

Foam Roll
Dynamic warm up

Full range bench