Sunday, June 10, 2012

Upper and Lower Body Training

Saturday 6/9/12

I have decided to train as follows:
Saturday: Heavy Lower
Sunday: Repetition/explosive upper, lots of assistance work
Tuesday: 2nd Lower, lots of assistance work
Thursday: Heavy Upper

I have really started to get things going in the right direction,  I am doing a good job getting my sleep and doing breathing and meditation drills on off days.  I feel really good.

Lower Body Training:
Foam Roller
prowler push (as i have gotten older i need to warm up more)
general warm up
Dead bug drills
Mike Robertson offset load KB squat (left arm rack) does the same thing as PRI X3 paired with RDL for deadlift prep.

Work out:
I do not pull heavy from the floor often because of the way I'm built (T-Rex). It crushes me for weeks. When I do pull heavy, I pull from pins or from a deficit. I love pulling with chains because it allows me to handle weights that are 90% + with out crushing me for weeks.

I worked up to 315+320 chains and did 4 singles
here is the first:
Here is the 4th single:
Over all pretty happy with that.

All done in circuit
One leg glute bridge with 200lbs of chainX4
Single arm carry 200lbs 20 yards switch armsX4
Band pull apartsX20 X4

 Sunday Upper:

My biggest issue is gaining back confidence, knowing that when I push hard and explode up with the weight that nothing is going to tear, because I am recovering from three separate shoulder injuries all on the right side (two car wrecks and a nasty fall down the stairs).  I am also working to build back some of the size and strength I have lost from not training upper body as often and from the weight loss due to Ulcerative Colitis several years ago.  To accomplish this I am going with some "speed" work and light bar weight with chains to help me get used to pressing hard and fast.  Finally, I am doing some rep work with Mark Bell's Sling Shot. It really helps me keep good form and helps me get some volume in pain free.

Foam Roll
Warm up
Shoulder drills and prep
Mike Robertson KB squat voodoo 
Worked up to 185+240 chains 5x3 focusing on being super fast up and down paired with band pull aparts
Added sling shot and removed chains
315X12X4 paired with inverted rows on rings

Then I did a circuit X4:
Half kneeling palm in upside down KB press X8 each  (for stability)
Palm in pull ups X5 focus on chest out low trap
Band tri (going for the "pump")
Flutters on the rings 30 seconds

I am pretty pleased with where I am right now.  I'm looking forward to really starting to get back into the swing of hard training again in the next few weeks. The biggest challenge is to make sure I continue putting equal effort into rest and recovery.

I am also lucky to have Joey Waters training with me and two female clients that are getting ready for a meet in October this has been a major plus. 


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