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Tracking recovery.

I have been using Joel Jamison's HRV application to track my recovery.  This is an accountability tool for me. HRV measures my recovery and flags changes in both directions, positive and negative.

HRV application 

I have seen a huge difference in my recovery since I started getting serious about my meditation and getting in bed by 10pm.  What happens when I put more effort into recovery?  I get an orange (use caution in training) because I take a huge jump in the positive direction.  See the top picture.

In the bottom picture I go into the Red.  That's the day I found out there would be another delay on getting into our new building and all sorts of questions came up, like whether we could stay in same location, would we have double rent, and so on.

The app is really neat, because I can go back and see which days I had tons of stress. 

This is great application to help guide your training.  I honestly believe it is the future of training.   What good is training if your body is not recovering from it?  With HRV I can actually see what is going on with my body and it helps me stay on track.


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