Monday, June 25, 2012

Lower/Upper Training

I do the majority of my training on Saturday and Sunday.  This works out best with work.  It also works well, meets occur on the weekends.

Saturday 6/23/12

Foam Roll
Warm up
Light sprints

Form Day
Since I have such an awful body for pulling from the floor I am constantly working on my form. I am really working on bringing the hips and strengthening the hips.  I did 405 for 10 singles.

This is last one

On to the squat decided to do some close stance squats
4x12 315

Did some half kneeling chops and lifts and called it a day.

Sunday 6/24/12


Foam Roll
Warm up
Shoulder complex 

Decided to use light bands to bench against.

did singles with 315,365,405 all nice and easy

Then I did 3X12 of this 95 bar weight 160 KB (shoulder rehab)
5X5 palm in pull up, chest to bar

One arm KB Row focusing on scapular glide
paired with plate raise 4X12

Upper back flies 4X12
Band Tris X Millions

I was very happy with this weekends training.

Monday 6/25/12
Foam Roll
Bracing on Drills on Wall
KB Arm Bar
Squats with bar

I am still doing a great job on doing my 60 min meditation CD what a difference it has made.  I need to do better job of doing more mobility and stability work on my off days.


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