Sunday, June 24, 2012

Full Body Training 6/22/12

Missed Tuesdays training due to life.  So I decided to do a full body day.

Foam Roll
Warm up
Mike Robertson's bastardization of PRI
light prowler.

Long pause box squats 5X5 not belt 400.  I box squatted so I wouldn't be too beat up for Saturdays session
this is my last set of 5

Then I did floor press (medium grip)
135 X10
225 X5

Neutral grip pull ups (chest out focus on low trap) (they suck)5X5
 Paired with 4X12 push up with chains.  (hands on bumpers 45)

One legged glute bridge off bench (100lbs of chain)3X8
Paired with band pull aparts 3X12

KB swings 70lbs paired with half kneeling KB chop and lift.

Happy with today overall a ton of stuff going on with work right now.

I need to do a better job foam rolling and doing warm up on days off.  I am staying true to my meditation, up to an hour a day.  What a difference it has made.

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