Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breathing, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and Voodoo Witchcraft

Breathing, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and Voodoo Witchcraft


Who is This Guy?
My name is Jim Laird, and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and the founder and co-owner of J&M Strength and Conditioning in Lexington, KY.  To give you a brief history about me, I am an elite-level powerlifter who has competed in the 242 class.   I have spent the last three years getting myself back on track from two car wrecks, a nasty fall down the stairs, tons of stress from starting a new business, and a bout of Ulcerative Colitis.  As a result of these things, for the last three years, my training took a back seat and I was able to complete one, maybe two, lifting session per week.

My Introduction to IFAST
A couple of years ago, my business partner Molly Galbraith decided to go up to IFAST and see Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson for an assessment.  She ended up having a lot more improvements to make than we anticipated, so shortly after she got her assessment I went up and got one.  It was quite a humbling experience and I learned a lot about myself and how my body compensates and functions.  I have learned so much from Mike and Bill in the last number of years that my understanding of how the body works and functions is now at a completely different level and my clients and business have benefited greatly because of it.
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