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Recovery Update

Side effect of staying up all night trying to fix your AC

It's paying off

Since I have made meditation a priority one hour a day (listen to a CD) my recovery has sky rocketed. It will be fun to see how this effects my performance.

Full Body 6/26/12

Foam Roll
Warm up

Farmer walk 255 each hand. 20 yards x8

Heavy prowler (on carpet sucks)
20 yards x 8

45 degree back raise x12 holding 60lbs KB x4
Paired with Charlie Weingroff style bear crawls with chain 20 yards x4


Simple but fun work out.

If you train people for a living, the sooner you figure out not everyone is a good fit for you, the better. The key is to scare those people away from the get go.

Tracking recovery.

I have been using Joel Jamison's HRV application to track my recovery.  This is an accountability tool for me. HRV measures my recovery and flags changes in both directions, positive and negative.

HRV application 

I have seen a huge difference in my recovery since I started getting serious about my meditation and getting in bed by 10pm.  What happens when I put more effort into recovery?  I get an orange (use caution in training) because I take a huge jump in the positive direction.  See the top picture.

In the bottom picture I go into the Red.  That's the day I found out there would be another delay on getting into our new building and all sorts of questions came up, like whether we could stay in same location, would we have double rent, and so on.

The app is really neat, because I can go back and see which days I had tons of stress. 

This is great application to help guide your training.  I honestly believe it is the future of training.   What good is training if your body …

Lower/Upper Training

I do the majority of my training on Saturday and Sunday.  This works out best with work.  It also works well, meets occur on the weekends.

Saturday 6/23/12

Foam Roll
Warm up
Light sprints

Form Day
Since I have such an awful body for pulling from the floor I am constantly working on my form. I am really working on bringing the hips and strengthening the hips.  I did 405 for 10 singles.

This is last one

On to the squat decided to do some close stance squats
4x12 315

Did some half kneeling chops and lifts and called it a day.

Sunday 6/24/12


Foam Roll
Warm up
Shoulder complex 

Decided to use light bands to bench against.

did singles with 315,365,405 all nice and easy

Then I did 3X12 of this 95 bar weight 160 KB (shoulder rehab)
5X5 palm in pull up, chest to bar

One arm KB Row focusing on scapular glide
paired with plate raise 4X12

Upper back flies 4X12
Band Tris X Millions

I was very happy with this weekends training.

Monday 6/25/12
Foam Roll

Breathing, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and Voodoo Witchcraft

Breathing, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and Voodoo WitchcraftWho is This Guy?
My name is Jim Laird, and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and the founder and co-owner of J&M Strength and Conditioning in Lexington, KY.  To give you a brief history about me, I am an elite-level powerlifter who has competed in the 242 class.   I have spent the last three years getting myself back on track from two car wrecks, a nasty fall down the stairs, tons of stress from starting a new business, and a bout of Ulcerative Colitis.  As a result of these things, for the last three years, my training took a back seat and I was able to complete one, maybe two, lifting session per week.

My Introduction to IFAST
A couple of years ago, my business partner Molly Galbraith decided to go up to IFAST and see Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson for an assessment.  She ended up having a lot more improvements to make than we anticipated, so shortly after she got her assessment I went up and got one.  It wa…

Full Body Training 6/22/12

Missed Tuesdays training due to life.  So I decided to do a full body day.

Foam Roll
Warm up
Mike Robertson's bastardization of PRI
light prowler.

Long pause box squats 5X5 not belt 400.  I box squatted so I wouldn't be too beat up for Saturdays session
this is my last set of 5

Then I did floor press (medium grip)
135 X10
225 X5

Neutral grip pull ups (chest out focus on low trap) (they suck)5X5
 Paired with 4X12 push up with chains.  (hands on bumpers 45)

One legged glute bridge off bench (100lbs of chain)3X8
Paired with band pull aparts 3X12

KB swings 70lbs paired with half kneeling KB chop and lift.

Happy with today overall a ton of stuff going on with work right now.

I need to do a better job foam rolling and doing warm up on days off.  I am staying true to my meditation, up to an hour a day.  What a difference it has made.

Upper and Lower Body Training

Saturday 6/9/12

I have decided to train as follows:
Saturday: Heavy Lower
Sunday: Repetition/explosive upper, lots of assistance work
Tuesday: 2nd Lower, lots of assistance work
Thursday: Heavy Upper

I have really started to get things going in the right direction,  I am doing a good job getting my sleep and doing breathing and meditation drills on off days.  I feel really good.

Lower Body Training:
Foam Roller
prowler push (as i have gotten older i need to warm up more)
general warm up
Dead bug drills
Mike Robertson offset load KB squat (left arm rack) does the same thing as PRI X3 paired with RDL for deadlift prep.

Work out:
I do not pull heavy from the floor often because of the way I'm built (T-Rex). It crushes me for weeks. When I do pull heavy, I pull from pins or from a deficit. I love pulling with chains because it allows me to handle weights that are 90% + with out crushing me for weeks.

I worked up to 315+320 chains and did 4 singles
here is the first:
Here is the 4th…

More breathing stuff and a man that was way ahead of the curve.

"You’ve probably been reading a lot lately about breathing patterns and how they affect health and performance.
It’s actually been an important issue to address with athletes and normal folks for quite some time.  I remember listening to Mel Siff talk about the relationship between reflexive stabilization of the trunk and spine and effective breathing and breath holding many years ago.  This was back when most physical therapists and fitness professionals thought the transversus abdominis was the most important muscle
Dr. Siff’s follow up posts are most likely still available in many places on the internet and are well worth the search (is the Supertraining group still around?)."
(Read more click here)