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The real reason to take Yoga.

Don't think work out think "work in"

Slow down
"For years I was a go-go kinda gal. Not the kind of girl that wears furry knee high boots and pasties while dancing on a table, but rather the kind that couldn’t ever slow down. I operated on the sole belief that more was always better. More kickboxing, more running, more lifting, more, more, more, go, go, go. I was such a busy little bee that I never slowed down enough to turn my awareness inward. When I started practicing yoga – closing my eyes, listening to my breath, moving slowly but with intention – I noticed I was chronically exhausted, sore, and stressed out. I never had a chance to notice those things before because I continuously buried all of my internal chaos with more activity. Food for thought: when is the last time you allowed yourself silence, listening to and focusing on only your breath for an extended period of time? (And no, sleeping doesn’t count.) This silence and internal focus will bring all sorts of things to the surface. You may become aware that your body is exhausted, you’re emotionally drained, your joints are sore, and/or your mind is cluttered - all factors which can be quite detrimental to our health, but how can you fix it if you aren’t even aware that those things are going on? Yoga is wonderful at uncovering what is going on at a deeper level."


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