Monday, May 21, 2012

More is not always better with fat loss

"This is something I’ve talked about before when it comes to weight loss (fat loss), but I believe the biggest mistake in the “mindset” of people today is thinking that enough exercise can get them the weight loss they want and should be their “top” priority.
I was reminded of this recently by a person I see in the gym who is doing at least 2+ hours of daily cardio and some weights. He is in there 4-5x a week and I kid you not, brings food to the gym to snack on while he works out. I’ve consulted with him in the past and told him that he needed to focus less on working out and more on eating correctly, yet his response was “Oh…I can’t do that, I like to eat too much…so I need to workout instead”.
Wrong……wrong….wrong. Sadly he never lost much weight (and months later even looked like he gained more around his stomach)."
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